What Waddi is about

Waddi Housing and Advancement Corporation Ltd (WHAC) provides culturally appropriate community,

social and housing support services with Darlington Point, NSW.  (Population Est 1145).

As a Not For Profit organisation the Objectives of Waddi Housing and Advancement Corportion are to provide:


Adequate Housing Opportunities

Access to community services including health, art, fitness and medical services

Education and enhancement of the local culture within the community

The Corporation maintains 26 housing properties that house local Aboriginal and Indigenous families.

Our goal is to enhance and build local culture and pride.



Working together to deliver affordable housing for the Aboriginal and Indigenous community and providing services to enhance health, connection and growth for the existing and future generations.

We will nuture existing partnerships and develop new alliances to provide new homes, improve existing homes, promote sustainable communities and support economic and social wellbeing.

Who we are and what we represent:

  • Justice- Fairness, equality and respect.

  • Sustainability- Healthy communities, prosperous land and culture, planet protection.

  • Community- growth, health and connection.

  • Culture- understanding, awareness and respect.

  • Accountability- open, approachable and responsible.



To provide our community witht the knowledge, skills and understanding of the importance of contributing to the wellbeing of our planet, people and culture as the aboriginal people have for thousands of generations before us.

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